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Wi-Fi is transforming mobile. Find out how.

By Claus Hetting   /     Jan 20, 2015  /     Blog  /  

Late 2014 saw huge momentum for Wi-Fi calling by carriers (who would have guessed?) and after a long wait, Hotspot 2.0 is finally picking up speed. My best bet is that 2015 will be the year of Wi-Fi everywhere

So what are the hottest Wi-Fi trends for 2015? We want to cover all the big opportunities & challenges at the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit (WIS) USA. It’s happening at funky Broadway Studios in San Francisco on April 21-22nd. And we want to informinspire, and not least connect you to all the right folks.

Here’s a sneak preview of the themes we’ve picked – see if you agree:

Entering the Wi-Fi Age: Insights from the world’s leading analyst: Joe Madden (Mobile Experts), Michael Marcus (the ‘godfather’ of the unlicensed band), and Francis McInerney (North River Ventures) will be sharing their insights – and we’ve got a couple surprise guests in the pipeline, too.

MNOs embracing Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Calling, CellSpots, Wi-Fi Offload, & more: More & more mobile carriers are using Wi-Fi to transform what it means to be a mobile subscriber.. I’m right now working on getting TMo’s rockstar CEO John Legere to join us. John (or John’s people): If you read this, TALK TO ME! :)

MSOs going mobile with Wi-Fi ‘homespots’ (community Wi-Fi) & Hotspot 2.0:One of our favourite speakers Mr Rob Cerbone from TWC will be at the Summit. Homespots are leading the Wi-Fi charge on fortress mobile. This will be exciting :)

Wi-Fi carriers: New opportunities in aggregation & Hotspot 2.0: Boingo, iPass, TheCloud & others are the new breed of Wi-Fi carriers with big visions. CEO Evan Kaplan of iPass should really be on TED Talks with his provocative view of Wi-Fi disruption. Watch this space for more updates.

Wi-Fi for every public venue: Wi-Fi is at the heart of consumer engagement strategies by world’s biggest brands, retailers, food chains, malls, transport hubs – you name it. We’ll feature the finest of the bunch at the Summit.

Do we need cellular at all? A new breed of service providers are going Wi-Fi First: We’ve invited Scratch Wireless – the original ‘Wi-Fi First’ service provider – to join us to share their vision. And there are others, too.

Monetizing ‘Free Wi-Fi’ for venues: Analytics, LBS, advertising, consumer engagement: There are so many great startups working in this space. We’ll be picking the cream of the crop with Euclid Analytics, Purple Wi-Fi, and more to show you the Wi-Fi tech leaders of the future.

Innovation in devices: Wearables, new vendors, intelligent connectivity: Wi-Fi is sprouting lots of new devices, and we’ll get some of the most exciting new device vendors to the show. We’ll also discover how your device can connect intelligently to all the networks out there.

New Wi-Fi infrastructure is leaping ahead in performance & seamless services: We’ll hear from companies breaking the gigabit barrier an how Wi-Fi is becoming a part of the mobile service fabric with a zero-touch UX.

Going OTT with massive aggregation of Wi-Fi networks over-the-top: It’s still an open question who will win: OTT or Hotspot 2.0? Wi-Fi hotspots can be aggregated on a massive scale. Some of our WIS speakers are already doing it.

Did we miss anything? Let us know. And don’t forget to pre-register for the WIS 2015 in San Francisco at this link to receive news updates. I will be back shortly with more announcements.

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