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Six great Wi-Fi debates @WIS2015 San Francisco

By Claus Hetting   /     Feb 22, 2015  /     Uncategorized  /  

If you’re anything like me you like debating. A little bit of magic happens when you face off and test your ideas against super intelligent ‘friends & foes’ in the tech industry (and all in good spirits, of course). That’s why we’re on track to deliver SIX GREAT DEBATES at the WIS2015 in San Francisco this April 21-22:

Entering the Wi-Fi Age: Is Wi-Fi disruptive or not?

If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that I believe in this – but you also need to hear it from thought-leaders who have worked in this space for decades. We’ve invited Francis McInerney (North River Ventures) & Evan Kaplan (CEO iPass) to give us groundbreaking insights. Two more of this industry’s finest thinkers will join us – watch this space for more.

The BIG Carrier Wi-Fi debate

Wi-Fi Only, Wi-Fi First – big services providers are making big moves into Wi-Fi right now. We’ve invited T-Mobile USA, Time Warner Cable, Boingo, & Sprint to join us: What’s the future for carrier Wi-Fi? Is Wi-Fi calling a catalyst for growth? What’s the right business model? We’ll find out from some of the biggest service providers in the USA.

The BIG LTE-U vs. Wi-Fi debate: Let’s get to the bottom of this – now

We’re thrilled to announce that Ericsson – one of the biggest proponents of LTE in unlicensed bands – is joining us for this debate. The ‘LTE-U’ side will be facing off against a couple of sharpest minds in the Wi-Fi industry. It’s a hot topic and we need to understand it now. Personally, I can’t wait to moderate this debate myself (I’ve promised to be fair and I will be).

The Wi-Fi monetization debate: What’s the road ahead?

A handful of startups are making big progress in monetizing Wi-Fi – but there’s lots of work ahead of us still. We’ll be discussing & highlighting all the options: Advertising, big data analytics, LBS, and consumer engagement. We’ll thrash all of this out in San Francisco with the help of (among others) Euclid Analytics, Purple Wi-Fi, Benu Networks, and some great case story examples.

Should your city be smart (with Wi-Fi) or dumb?

Wi-Fi is empowering city governments, local businesses, citizens, and BIG businesses to come together to make cities more connected, smarter, more efficient. California is leading the pack with two great city Wi-Fi networks in SF and San Jose. What are the best use cases, and what’s the role of IoT? Can cities and carriers work together? We’ll take a detailed look at this with some great panelists – to be announced soon.

The future of Wi-Fi: Standards, spectrum, & new applications

Wi-Fi is right now breaking new ground with ‘Wi-Fi Aware’ (Wi-Fi Direct) and we’re thrilled that Wi-Fi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa is joining us – as is Michael Marcus, by some called the ‘Godfather’ of the unlicensed band. What new use cases can be the big new opportunities? How much more spectrum do we need to support these and how will we get it?

For much more about our program go to this link - and don’t forget to make your plans today! It’s going to be well worth the trip to San Francisco (and if you’re in the area, well – I guess it’s even more worth it).

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