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It’s happening now: The Wi-Fi homespot revolution

By Claus Hetting   /     Jan 23, 2014  /     Blog  /     

There’s a quiet Wi-Fi revolution happening right now: All over the world cable & integrated operators are deploying Wi-Fi homespots by the millions.

Here are some the latest figures from Holland and Belgium:

Proximus (Belgium) just announced that customers now have access to 930,000 Wi-Fi homespots across the country and a whopping 13 million outside the country in partnership with Fon.

Competitor Telenet (Belgium) is running one million Wi-Fi homespots in Flanders while Holland’s Ziggo offers access to 1.2 million homespots. KPN Holland is right now working with Fon to do something similar – and if you want to know all about that project, both KPN and Fon are coming to the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit in Copenhagen to tell us all about it.

So what’s the deal with Wi-Fi homespots? Even in Dutch language this video from Ziggo will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about how it works.

What’s more, most of these cases employ (EAP-SIM) seamless authentication, which means that you don’t have to do anything on your phone. Your device will attach and use these Wi-Fi networks whenever they’re in range, and they’re fully secure.

All of these carriers of course offer mobile services, too. So how is the homespot revolution impacting the bottom line of the carriers? For more on that, I’m honoured and excited to refer to renowned telco efficiency expert Fredrik Jungermann of tefficient. Fredrik will be joining us in Copenhagen for a full update on homespot economics.

This is the time to get involved in Wi-Fi in all its forms. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Copenhagen for the two most inspiring & informative days for public Wi-Fi ever :)

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