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Korea: The most sophisticated carrier Wi-Fi in the world?

By Claus Hetting   /     Nov 11, 2014  /     Blog  /  

Perhaps the two most interesting presentations from last week’s Wi-Fi Global Congress in San Francisco came from Korea: Both KT and SK Telecom have made huge strides in incorporating Wi-Fi into their network – and not least on monetization strategy.

Above: Slide courtesy SK Telecom, October 2014

SK Telecom (above) has deployed some 75.000 Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi APs with seamless mobile interworking and Wi-Fi roaming. They also have a platform that enables ads and content on the Wi-Fi experience including an ads push service. I’m guessing that this is probably where we’re headed in the west, too. The implementation looks impressive.

Above: Slide courtesy Korea Telecom (KT), October 2014

KT (above) has installed 100.000 Wi-Fi zones across the country of which 38.000 APs are 802.11ac/3×3 MIMO each generating more than 12GB of data (download) from more than 400 users per AP per day. Pretty impressive numbers, I’d say. Among other things they’re serving up ‘Gigabit Wi-Fi’ (in reality a couple hundred Mbps per user) to more than 4,000 venue locations across the country.

Examples to strive for in the West? I think Korea could provide for some much needed inspiration for sure.

And if you want to know how to go about all of this you need to make plans right now to come to the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit in Copenhagen on December 9-10. We will be tackling the challenges and opportunities head on with the leadership of the industry’s foremost experts. Go to this link and reserve your seat today!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there :-)

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