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I’ve been working in the mobile industry for close to 20 years – and I’m passionate about Wi-Fi.

Why? Because I believe that Wi-Fi is the only wireless technology that can keep up with the huge demand for wireless Internet access.

And because Wi-Fi is a hotbed of innovation and opportunity.

I began my work in the mobile industry in 1996 and spent 8 years working for Nokia Networks (today Nokia) all over the world as a mobile infrastructure expert. Since 2004 I’ve independently advised carriers, banks, industry organisations, and tech vendors on wireless tech and business strategies. About 2 years ago I decided that Wi-Fi is the right industry to be in – so I made the switch to this great growth industry.

Today, I work as an analyst, journalist, consultant, marketer, and conference organizer for the Wi-Fi industry. I’m focusing on all the great things Wi-Fi technology can do especially for public access: Combining Wi-Fi with mobile to offer great new services (Wi-Fi ‘offload’), homespot technology, new business models & monetization of free Wi-Fi, public venue Wi-Fi, Carrier Wi-Fi for the cable service provider industry, and much more.

And I’m always interested in discussing the future of the connected world with new friends and colleagues. So drop me a mail if you want to chat.


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